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Artist Candle Collection

A collection of scented candles in
collaboration with the illustrator Rozalina Burkova.
Each fragrance tells a different story,
which comes to life on the label of each candle.

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I/TEMS believes in pure flame.

From the vegetable wax base to the metal can which is 100% recyclable, our candles are made with nature in mind and love for our customers, whose satisfaction and safety is our priority.

100% vegetable wax


without paraffin

without parabens and phthalates

recyclable packaging

hand poured in Bulgaria

with essential oils

long burning

100% cotton wick

not tested on animals

Essential Candle Collection

Основната колекция включва ароматни свещи,
вдъхновени от заобикалящата ни природа и начинът,
по който ни докосва и кара да мечтаем.

Essential Candle Collection


Each lighting of the candle will transport you to a morning walk in a blossoming rose garden in the spring.
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Lavender has a base note of lavender and shades of different herbs. It creates the feeling of being in the middle of a lavender field on a beautiful summer day.
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03/Black Vanilla

It's a scent that takes us back to childhood when, on a typical Sunday afternoon, our mothers would prepare the classic "marble" cupcake.
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Sandalwood is a combination of several scents - of forest, wet earth and burning fire. The unusual composition unfolds in a different shade for each sniff
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Irresistible aroma of violets combined with the fresh breath of freshly picked raspberries and candy sweetness.
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Essential Candle Collection
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Capsule Candle Collection

The unique minimalist porcelain vessel,
the simple ease of design and uncompromising attitude
to the fragrance, now many times more saturated, they put the candles from
Capsule Candle Collection beyond the moment and trends.

Capsule Candle Collection


Combines the delicate freshness of a blossoming rose garden with smoky, warm notes of relaxing sandalwood.
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A divine fragrance of fresh fig leaves and sweet fig fruit, relaxing and captivating.
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Its sweet and warm vanilla scent is tempting and captivating.
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Essential Candle Collection
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