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Gift Set Blooming Love


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A gift set of two scented candles with perfume compositions, crafted in Grasse / France.

01 / ROSE – a delicate rose bouquet adorned with lily of the valley and green pepper.
09 / VIOLET – a soft powdery fragrance of wild violets and freshly picked raspberries.

03 / BLACK VANILLA – a delicious and warm vanilla scent with hints of juicy pear and melted caramel.
07 / NEROLI – a bright floral fragrance with fresh citrus notes of neroli, bergamot and orange blossom.

Weight: 2 х 200 GR.
Burn time: up to 60 hours.

I/TEMS Candles are hand-poured into a recyclable metal container with a lid, of a high quality vegetable wax blend with perfume compositions with essential oils


This scented candle has a pure vegetable wax and essential oil perfume composition developed in one of the oldest perfume houses dating back to 1779 in Grasse, France “the cradle of perfume“.


Free delivery for orders over 50€
Delivery time: from 7 to 12 working days


When lighting the candle for the first time, let it burn for at least an hour until the wax melts to the sides of the container.
Trim the wick before each lighting, for a beautiful flame and 100% aromatic candle enjoyment!

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