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Who we are

I/TEMS is a passion project of three friends who share love for premium candles, good design, fine fragrances and well made things. This sparked the desire to create thoughtfully crafted accessible candles, teas and other special objects which evoke emotions and bring soulfulness to your lifestyle.

The candles are designed, developed and hand poured with great care in small batches at the home of I/TEMS in Sofia, Bulgaria. The search for long lasting memorable scents with utmost quality brought the founders to the house of Jean Niel in Grasse / France, where artisan ‘noses’ are composing perfumes since 1779.

It was a match made in heaven and since 2015 they have been crafting the perfume compositions for every I/TEMS candle. The fragrant oils are blended with all-natural vegetable wax for best burning performance and clean conscience.

Following a textile and home accessory wooden collections, in 2021, I/TEMS launched their first Tea collection, which was a natural continuation to the candle line, immersing all the senses.

The magic happens with the burning flame, which turn the candle into the soul of your home.